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Phoenix Truck Accident Attorney

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Phoenix Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Being in an accident is bad enough, but when a tractor trailer is involved everything just gets larger. Trucks are heavy and tend to cause more serious injuries. Even if you are thankfully unhurt, big trucks tend to cause more property damage to your vehicles. Worse now instead of dealing with one person’s insurance company you can end up dealing with the trucking companies insurance company plus the driver’s insurance company. Factor in the driver may not be an owner operator, and you may have claims against their employer. Finally, federal and state safety and insurance regulations may come into play. Everything just gets bigger in terms of complexity, and we handle everything for you. We know the law on truck accidents. We know what the driver was supposed to be doing, and how they are supposed to be doing it. We have decades of experience handling cases involving the trucking industry. 

Have you been injured by a truck?

Every year there are over a hundred thousand accidents in Phoenix, and many of them involve trucks. If you have been injured by the driver of a truck we can help.  Following an accident with a truck, no matter how you feel you should see your doctor immediately. The forces involved with large trucks, even when with small bumps can cause severe damage to your body. It can be very common for people not feel injuries for a day or so due to the body releasing adrenaline due to the accident. Adrenaline will keep you going for a while but the sooner you seek medical attention the better.  It does not take a lot of force to break a bone, twist a neck, or wretch a back, and when you are dealing with trucks there is a large amount of force involved. If you do not know where to go, or who you should call, you can always start with us. Our team has worked with some of the finest physicians in Phoenix, and we can direct you on where to start.

Second if you call us, we can get started immediately on removing the stress of dealing with insurance companies or other lawyers for you. We want you to focus on your recovery. Truck accidents usually involve large companies with aggressive insurance companies. Trucking company will immediately go on the defensive because they know how severe injuries can be. They know they have to pay, and their job is to pay as little as possible. They will immediately move to minimize their payout, all while you are still recovering from your injuries.


We aggressively go after your highest possible recovery.  


A truck accident can change your entire life. There will likely be injuries, your vehicle could be totaled, you may have to get a rental car, and if you miss work there are lost wages to consider. The stress of an accident also makes it difficult to recall exactly what you were doing right before you were hit. Insurance companies love to prey on this uncertainty. They will try to convince you to admit to something you didn’t do. That will allow them to save money in the lawsuit. Let us do all the talking to anyone asking you questions. We do our best to get you a speedy resolution. We don’t want you to have to worry about the lawsuit on top of everything else. 

$ 112000000

We have collected over $112 million in settlements across all of our offices.

You pay nothing until we win  

We only get paid after we have collected a settlement for you. We handle everything for you. We  collect your medical records. We collect all the bills from your repair shop, and everything that needs to be submitted. We ensure all of your injuries and damages are accounted for. Most importantly we go toe to toe with the insurance companies to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.  No insurance company paperwork trying to convince you to jump through hoops in the hopes you get frustrated and go away. Our goal is to make the process of getting what you are owed as easy and seamless as possible.  At 423Hurt we will be here every step of the way with you.

We come to you if you can’t come to us!  

One of the things that set us apart at 423Hurt is our ATTORNEYS2U program. We will come to you to discuss your case. We realize you may be too injured to come to us. We know that during this time your time is precious. As with all parts of your case we want to make it as easy for you as possible. 



Step 1. Go to the emergency room, or see your doctor, if you’re not taken to the hospital by ambulance. 

Call us at 1-800-423-HURT before if at all possible. We can refer you to a doctor who will take care of you without you having to pay them right away. You need to get checked out even if you think things seem okay. Injuries from accidents sometimes don’t show themselves until later in the day or the next day. When a sudden accident happens your body releases adrenaline into your blood steam. This is designed to give you the strength to get out of what it thinks is a life-threatening situation. It deadens pain, and also affects how your brain functions. For these reasons it is incredibly common for people even with severe injuries to not feel them.  This can cause people to think they are fine, only to later realize they have severe injuries. Any delay in medical care can also make your injuries worse. Please always see a doctor immediately after an accident. This is no time to wait until later. The state of your health is at stake!

Step 2. Are you feeling any numbness anywhere? Even more important to get checked out.

Spinal injuries are very common in motorcycle accidents Some are mild, and some serious, but either way, you will have issues if you suffered a spinal injury, so it’s extremely important to see a doctor. The sooner you are diagnosed and treater, the better the chances of you making a full recovery.

Step 3. Remember. If you call us first, you can see the best doctor for your type of injury without having to pay up front.

We have worked with hundreds of Phoenix medical professionals. We have been with our clients from the initial injuries all through the final outcomes. We can recommend some of the best doctors in the Phoenix area that will immediately start treatment without you having to pay. These doctors understand that you are hurt now, and that you may be having to take time off work to heal. They also understand that we will fight on your behalf to get the best possible recovery. They will do everything to help you heal, and we will do everything to ensure the insurance companies pay for it.



#1 Do NOT admit fault at the scene. Ever. Insurance companies may use anything you say to avoid paying you. You have just been in an accident, and your body may be injured. Seek medical attention and let your attorney do the talking for you.

#2 Do NOT make a recorded statement without a lawyer present. The insurance company will try to get you to do this soon after the accident when they know you’re still confused and might say something they can twist to save them money.

#3 DO NOT cash a check the insurance tries to hand over to you right away. By cashing it, you might give up your rights to further settlement money. If they are putting a check in your hands, you can be sure they know they owe you far, far more.





  1. A free consultation. Always. 
  2. Appointments with the best doctors available to treat your particular injuries.
  3. We will get all accident reports as well as all supporting documentation and witness statements. From there we will work to ensure all of your damages are accounted for in any settlement offer. We’ll deal with the Arizona Department of Public Safety to get them if we have to.
  4. Expect compensation for medical expenses, property damage, any lost wages, and motorcycle repair (if the bike isn’t totaled).
  5. We relieve you of the hassle of processing accident insurance claims.
  6.  Vehicle rental assistance without having to pay for it up front.
  7. Expect the highest recovery allowable under the insurance policy for your accident.

Contact us now. We will get you the compensation you deserve.

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