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Phoenix Rideshare (UBER/LYFT) Accident Lawyer

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Phoenix Rideshare Accidents

Uber and Lyft have created a brand-new rideshare industry that has changed how Americans commute in their daily lives. However, Uber and Lyft have notoriously fought hard to avoid taking responsibility for the actions of their drivers. Every year there are thousands of car accidents in the Phoenix area, and as rideshares become more and more common they will represent a greater percentage of these accidents. Whether you are injured by a rideshare driver hitting your vehicle, or are the passenger in a rideshare when an accident happens, we can help. At 423Hurt we have expert rideshare accident lawyers that will make sure you get the compensation you deserve.


Have you been injured while on a Uber or Lyft ride?


If you are injured by the driver of a rideshare such as Uber or Lyft in Phoenix we can help.  Following an accident, we hope you are not injured. No matter how you feel you should definitely see your doctor as sometimes you do not feel injuries for a day or so. Whether you are a passenger in a vehicle driver by a rideshare driver, or another driver who is struck by a rideshare driver it is important to be promptly checked out. Even minor accidents can cause severe trauma if untreated, and leave you with lifelong injuries. It does not take a lot of force to break a bone, twist a neck, or wretch a back. Adrenaline will keep you going for a while but the sooner you seek medical attention the better. If you do not know where to go, or who you should call, you can always start with us. Our team has worked with some of the finest physicians in Phoenix, and we can direct you on where to start.


Second if you call us, we can get started immediately on handling the stress of dealing with insurance companies so you can focus on your recovery. Uber and Lyft drivers are covered by a $1,000,000 insurance policy that protects drivers and passengers involved in car accidents while using their rideshare services. These policies are designed to cover medical expenses, injuries, and deaths that result from accidents involving Uber and Lyft drivers. These insurance companies are immediately going to go on the defensive, as these policy limits are known and passengers generally are at no fault for an accident. They know they will have to pay on behalf of Uber or Lyft, and their job is to settle the claim for as little as possible.  They will immediately move to minimize their payout, all while you are still recovering from your injuries and not feeling your best.

$ 112000000

Over $112 million reached in settlements across all of our offices.

Uber and Lyft’s lax policies of onboarding drivers cause more than just traffic accidents.


In addition to car accidents, Uber and Lyft drivers have been responsible for car accidents, robberies, deaths, physical and sexual assaults, kidnappings, and more. Over the years Uber has quietly settled with multiple women who were raped or assaulted by their drivers. These settlement agreements have ensured these incidents remain confidential as the victims cannot talk about their experiences without risking Uber suing them. These incidents do occur, and if you are the victim of a crime while riding in a rideshare with Uber or Lyft, we can help you.  


As your Phoenix rideshare accident attorney, we aggressively go after your highest possible recovery.  


After an accident your entire life can change. You may have injuries in need of treatment that can leave your recovering for a significant period of time. You may lose work; you may have to get months of treatment. Insurance companies love to prey on this uncertainty. If they can convince you to take a low offer that does not cover all of your injuries, then that is money their clients do not have to pay. Let us handle the talking for you. We gather all of your bills, and present a reasonable demand to their insurance company, hopefully leading to a speedy resolution. This allows you to have your injuries compensated, and get your life back to normal as soon as possible.


You pay nothing until we win  


We only collect money after we win your case. We handle the research. We handle collecting your medical records. We handle getting all of your paperwork from Uber, Lyft, and everything else necessary to show their insurance companies that you have a strong claim. We make sure all of your injuries and damage are accounted for. We make sure everything is handled for you. We fight with the insurance company on your behalf. No insurance company phone calls at random hours trying to push you to say things that will cost you money. No insurance company paperwork trying to convince you to jump through hoops in the hopes you get frustrated and go away. We make the process of getting what you are owed as easy and seamless as possible for you.  We are with you every step of the way until the insurance company pays, until the medical bills are negotiated, and until the last check is cut to you.


We come to you if you can’t come to us!  


As part of our Attorneys2U policy we will come to you if you can’t come to us. We know that times are tough after an accident and have to drive to our office can be a hassle. That is why we will gladly come to you to discuss your case. Great customer service is what we strive for.


1. Always a hassle free evaluation of your case.
2. Appointments with the best doctors for your particular injuries.
3. We will handle all paperwork including accident reports as well as all supporting documentation and witness statements.
4. Expert legal representation
5. We relieve you of the hassle of processing accident insurance claims.
6. Vehicle rental assistance without having to pay for it up front.
7. Expect the highest recovery allowable under the insurance policy for your accident.

If you have been in a rideshare accident contact us now!

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