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Phoenix Dog Bite Lawyers

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The dog took a bite out of you. Don’t let the insurance company take a bite out of your settlement too! As your dog bite lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, we promise you the maximum allowable settlement under any insurance policy.



Did a dog bite you and you don’t know how to handle the situation? 

Most people are not aware how to handle dog bite situations.

Does the dog belong to a good friend or neighbor?

That’s likely since a large majority of victims know the dog that bit them or its owner.  

Do you feel guilty putting the dog owner through a lawsuit?

That’s normal but you are entitled to compensation.  No one wants to accuse their friends, family, or good neighbor of wrongdoing. But meanwhile, you’re dealing with doctor visits, doctor bills, and even plastic surgery to minimize and prevent scarring. You might even need a tetanus shot if soil contaminated the wound. 

What can I sue for in a dog bite case?

A bad enough dog bite to consider suing likely means time off work and a huge inconvenience if you can’t walk or use one of your arms. Or, with multiple bites, possible hospital time. Not to mention the aforementioned tetanus shot.

$ 112000000

We specialize in dog bite cases

We have recovered over $112 million for our clients across all of our offices.


You’ll be dealing with doctors, the police, animal control, and a dog attack attorney. Depending on the severity of your injury, you might call the police or animal control before you head to the emergency room. If the wound is severe, get treated first. Oftentimes, you can call the police on the way to the emergency room and explain the situation. Other than the above, this is the order in which you should handle things to minimize damage to yourself.

Step 1. Call animal control so they can control the dog and provide you with a report on the dog

Step 2. Call the police to get a report of the incident from them too for the insurance company

Step 3. Go to the emergency room

Step 4. Call us at 800-423-HURT (4878)

Again, if the wound is severe, ignore this list and go to the emergency room first!

 Over one million people per year go to the emergency room after a dog bite   And with good reason: you can get any of these infections when bitten by a dog even if the bite doesn’t look that deep or that severe:  

  • Rabies
  • Capnocytophaga
  • Pasteurella
  • Tetanus infection

So, it’s best if you don’t skip this visit to the E.R., especially if you can’t stop the bleeding, or have a large gash you can’t keep closed. Be sure to take notes, get the name of the doctor, and ask how to get the medical record related to your visit. Besides physical damage and pain, you might suffer from psychological injuries, but might not realize this yet because you’re likely in shock. After all, you were just going about your day and a dog attacked you without provocation; it’s difficult to not experience at least some trauma. 

You might suffer from these symptoms too:

  • Anxiety
  • Nightmares
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Irritability

After the emergency room, your next step should be to call us (or even while you’re there if you’re able). We believe we’re your best choice as a dog attack lawyer in Phoenix. We’ll go above and beyond to get you the best treatment and the highest settlement. 

We’ll get to work quickly to protect your rights. 

We will refer you to the best doctors so you can heal quickly and as best as possible. The emergency room visit is to get the wound cleaned and to determine your chances of getting infected. The doctor there will prescribe you an antibiotic if it’s needed; this will depend on the depth of the wound and how well they’re able to clean it. 

You’ll need further medical care to avoid or continue to treat any infection, deal with the pain, and to minimize or avoid scarring.  

dog bite lawyers


Often, it’s no one’s fault. For some reason, the dog felt threatened—even if you did nothing at all to invite the attack. And since the dog can’t talk, we can’t know what went through its mind. 

It might not be the owner’s fault their dog bit you either. Sometimes, dogs just do things their owners don’t want them to do (though they’re held responsible for their dog’s actions).

But is it your fault you now have to deal with the aftermath of their dog biting you? Of course not. 

There’s not even a need for you to get into who is responsible. Most interactions regarding a dog bite case take place between us as your dog attack lawyer, the police, animal control, and the insurance company. You need never interact with the dog’s owner again unless this person is a relative, close friend, or next-door neighbor. In any case, the settlement isn’t coming out of their pocket, but from the insurance company. There’s no reason for them to be upset with you over asking for compensation for your pain, suffering, inconvenience, and medical expenses. 


Step 1: We’ll get you appointments with the best doctors available to treat the injury and minimize infection and scarring.

Step 2:  We will send a private investigator to take photos and talk to the dog’s owners and anyone else who might have witnessed the dog biting you.

Step 3: We’ll obtain police and animal control reports.

Step 4: We will advise the insurance company that we are representing you and that they can expect us to file a claim on your behalf. 

Step 5: We will file the claim and get the maximum allowable under the homeowner’s insurance policy.

Step 6: You get the highest settlement allowable under the insurance policy for your injury.

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